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By offering your VIP F1 clients the option of a ex McLaren team mechanic to personally host their Grand Prix experience for them, you’re not only pushing hospitality levels to new heights, but leading the field in tailored motorsport event packages.

The services currently on offer by most Formula One corporate and event hospitality companies are, in the most part, great. There’s unsurpassed luxury from travel to accommodation available, prime viewing locations and fine dining. Tickets can be supplied for anything from pitlane walkabouts to exclusive after race parties like Amber Lounge and unsurprisingly, guests love it. But how can you be better?

As you well know, this sector of the industry is all about exploiting new opportunities. It’s about being innovative, about going the extra mile and about creating even more exciting, special and memorable packages than your rivals can currently offer, so that it’s your company they choose to go with.
With Marc Priestley, or Elvis as he’s better known in the paddock, on board, you could break new ground and give your clients a service no one else can offer – to be guided through a race weekend, watching the drivers, teams and mechanics in the pitlane… one of them.

Marc worked for McLaren Racing for almost a decade as a race mechanic and member of the illustrious pitstop crew. He was part of every race from the glory days of Mika Hakkinen, right through to 2009, taking in, along with everything else, that incredible day in Brazil 2008 when Lewis Hamilton won his World Championship.


Marc’s worked closely with an amazing list of drivers, including 3 of the World Champions on 2013’s grid and remains friends with many of them today. In fact, such is the extensive nature of his list of friends and contacts throughout the paddock, he’s regularly in contact with key people from many of the teams, and therefore well abreast of much ‘inside’ information.




Since leaving McLaren in 2009, Marc’s turned freelance and moved into the broadcasting and the media side of the sport he loves. Recent roles include Pitlane Reporter for the BBC and Co-Commentator for ESPN Star Sports TV, as well as writing for various publications and giving presentations about his time in the pitlane. He’s also part way through writing his first book on the subject.
The TV and media circus surrounding Formula One is a fascinating arena in itself and having experienced both sides of the paddock, Marc’s perfectly placed to open up both worlds to Grand Prix guests with intriguing insight.



The Proposal

Marc can be booked to attend Grand Prix, either in their entirety, or for race day only. He can be on hand at any point throughout the weekend to assist with guests in general at the circuit, hotel, airports or other associated events.

Q and A sessions can be arranged with groups to answer questions about anything to do with F1, but also specifically the workings of a team, technical, strategic and mechanical questions and questions about being involved in pitstops. Guests also often want to know what it’s like to work with certain people, eg. Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Ron Dennis or Adrian Newey etc.

Real race fans can enjoy a presentation and talk, either at a hotel or inside The Paddock Club, about his many years in the sport and how it’s changed over that time, detailing key moments that people may remember.

During on track sessions he can be with guests, explaining in whatever level of detail’s required, why teams are doing what they’re doing, what mechanics and engineers are up to in the garage and on the pitwall. What the circuit specifics are and what that means to the drivers and teams in terms of car set up and how they approach each session. Again questions can be answered instantly and accurately, based on real experience rather than from a marketing handbook.

Tailored session commentary from inside the paddock club or other viewing area can also be arranged if equipment is available. This can be a very effective and well received tool to personalise the experience for guests.

Marc can be available to entertain guests by speaking at dinners or attending post race events like Amber Lounge parties, where, although it obviously couldn’t be guaranteed, the chances of interacting with his F1 driver and team friends could be high.

The service can be offered as an optional extra alongside an existing event host, ie. have Marc as an additional attendee, or as a ‘premium’ service where Marc hosts guests from arrival to departure. Either way your clients will leave more knowledgable than when they arrived and feel like true ‘insiders’, having never been so close to a sport swathed in secrecy.


Fees can be negotiated on an individual basis, depending on requirements for each event.

  1. Michael Ellery permalink

    Hi Marc, we see that you were down in Cornwall recently. We are organising a Formula E evening with Team Andretti in March (20th); reason behind it is that the girls at Truro High School are entering 3 cars in the Green Power challenge this year and we want them to get the most out of this and learn as much as possible about engineering in the process. Was wondering if you would be interested in coming as well? Do you live down here? Look forward to hearing from you.
    Best wishes,

  2. Susan permalink

    Hi Marc
    I have a client interested in booking you to speak at a forthcoming event in March. Appreciate if you would get in touch to discuss.

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