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Marc Priestley, or Elvis, worked at McLaren Racing as an F1 mechanic and member of the pitstop crew between 2000 and 2009. Originally joining one of Formula One’s most historic and successful teams as part of the test team, he quickly moved up through the ranks onto the race team and spent many years working in various roles with a distinguished list of drivers:

Mika Hakkinen
David Coulthard
Olivier Panis
Kimi Raikkonen
Darren Turner
Jean Alesi
Alex Wurz
Gary Paffett
Juan Pablo Montoya
Pedro De La Rosa
Fernando Alonso
Lewis Hamilton
Heikki Kovalainen

Over the course of his time there, Marc became one of the most experienced members of the pitstop crew, performing in almost every position around the car at different times, including:

Wheel On
Wheel Off
Wheel Gunner
Front Jack
Rear Jack
Nose On
Nose Off

Having left McLaren in 2009, Marc’s spent time in team management, various consultancy roles and has now successfully established himself within the world of F1 broadcasting, talking about the sport he loves.

Over the last few years, working freelance with the likes of BBC, ESPN, CNBC, Fox Sports and Sky Sports, viewers have had access to a new perspective on the technical and operational workings of the world’s biggest team sport…from someone who’s worked inside one of its best.

With a new motorsport based documentary series on The Discovery Channel, regular appearances on Sky Sport’s F1 Midweek Report and continuing to explain the technical side of Formula E on ITV, there’s plenty of opportunity to see Marc on screen in 2016.

He still attends most Grand Prix and can be hired to speak at events or conferences, delivering some inspiring tales of his time in the pit lane and some of the lessons that can be learnt.

All posts on this site are solely the opinions of Marc or our contributors and are at all times independent of any company or employer views.

Follow Marc on Twitter @f1elvis, or Instagram ‘f1elvis’.

  1. I’d like to share your writings with friends but I don’t twitter & won’t go anywhere near facebook; how can I simply forward your words via eMail?

    • Hi, I’m glad you like the articles, thank you. The only way I can suggest for you to share my work is to subscribe to the blog and you’ll then be sent links via email, which you should be able to share.
      Let me know if it works.


  2. Phil Marden permalink

    Thank you Marc for your fascinating insights into the F1 world. It’s a vey different perspective from inside the garage. An excellent set of articles, think I’ve read the lot!

    • Thank you very much Phil, I really do appreciate your feedback and I’m really pleased you like my writing.

  3. Rob permalink

    Wow Marc, this is awesome. I love the insiders view, being from Canada, I don’t get much coverage (or friends who are interested) in F1. I am constantly reading forums/blogs, and wondering how old these posters are, some I imagine are 12 years old.
    Love your writing style, i am a definite follower.

  4. Foaad permalink

    Found your article on Ron Dennis really interesting. Based on your decade long experience in F1, I want to ask you for advice. I am a Mechanical engineer, could you advice me on how to break into F1 and apply for jobs, any help is much appreciated.

  5. michelle permalink

    Just came across the site by accident – pretty sure i knew you pre – getting so successful!! I am talking teenage !! Glad to see you have done so well for yourself

  6. Cici Muldoon permalink

    Hi Marc,
    Just read your article on graphene – very interesting! I am a physicist who loves F1 and have been following graphene for a while now, wondering about possible applications in F1 or the automotive world in general. I have one particularly wacky idea, but as I am not an engineer, I have no idea if it is practical or possible and was wondering if you would be available for a quick chat at some point. Shoot me an email if you are interested!

  7. hi merc, just resd your aticle on graphene – very interesting!l am physicist who loves formula 1

  8. Paul permalink

    Love the pit lane stuff

  9. Denise saunders permalink

    Hi mark well done I thought it was your voice on the TV tonight could not believe it .Denise saundersx

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