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Last Chance Saloon

March 3, 2013

Today’s a big day for everyone here at the Circuit de Catalunya. It’s the last chance for the teams to tun their cars on track before shipping everything off to Australia at the end of this week and into the first Grand Prix of 2013.
Today will see most of the teams run their last major upgrades before the race, although we can expect more from the bigger outfits right up until the last minute in Australia. In days gone by at McLaren, flights would be booked in advance to arrive at various times across the race weekend, right up until the latest point it was physically possible to get parts from Melbourne’s international airport, to the circuit and bolted onto a car. If the race team needed something, the call would be made and one of the numerous factory workers on standby would be whisked onto an aeroplane with the new parts in tow.

Once today’s over, the teams will head back to base to prepare the cars to travel. Some teams will strip their car here this evening, packing all parts into marked containers and, along with the chassis, be whisked back to the factory in the back of a van as it’s faster than waiting to pack up the entire garage and drive everything home in the trucks. At HQ, a team will be waiting to meet the van’s, whatever time of day or night, and distribute everything to the various departments to be serviced, checked, rebuilt and, repainted.
The smaller teams then have until Friday morning to load everything into their containers and deliver it to the airport, whereas the larger teams, with one of the bonuses of finishing well in the previous year’s championship, have an extra day as part of their ‘late freight’ benefits from Bernie.

Either way, it’s a very busy week for everyone and with personnel flying to Australia over the course of next weekend, there’s no time to relax now, and before you know it, we’ll be in November and thoroughly wrapped up in 2014.

Marc Priestley
Twitter: @f1elvis


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  1. It is great for us Formula 1 fans to be able to follow your reports about the work going on, always great with a man that “knows what he´s talking about”! Thank you so very much for all your great work.

  2. Thank you

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