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Hamilton/McLaren fans, what would you do if Lewis left?

September 11, 2012

A quick yes or no poll on how you’d feel if Lewis left your team.


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  1. Miran permalink

    He said: “I want to win”
    I don’t get why no body asked him; “Ok Lewis, but you are winning in Mclaren, why to move then?”
    It’s all about the money and him being Beckham type of a star. Nothing to do with the sport.

  2. Adam Gates permalink

    I’ve always been a Mclaren fan and always will be, but I like Lewis so wherever he ends up I’ll support that team as well. I wish he’d stay where he is but I do fear he’s caused ruptures in that relationship over the course of the year and maybe the break will be good. I do wonder if his intentions are in the right priority though, sometimes I wish he would cut out the show biz side and purely concentrate on his racing. I’ll be supporting him whatever though

  3. Paul permalink

    I support F1 drivers based on how exciting/interesting I find them as a driver. Nothing to do with personality or nationality, or team for that matter.

    I think Lewis would be mad to go to Merc next year, but I’d still watch with as much fascination and cheer as loudly if he did.

  4. loki_0420 permalink

    I’m afraid once he’s gone he’d instantly become an enemy like Kimi back in the days. Though the latter moved to main nemesis and once its relationship breakdown he regain his soft spot in my heart.

  5. Elaine permalink

    Better the devil you know comes to mind. I’ve been a mclaren fan for 20 years and want him to stay with us

  6. Matt permalink

    I would stop supporting him on the account of him being a sell out

  7. Robefc permalink

    I imagine separate polls for Lewis and mclaren fans would yield very different results. For myself, I’m a Lewis fan so I’m curious to find out if I’ll retain a soft spot for macca if he goes – turning up at silverstone and not wearing rocket red and supporting mclaren would be weird đŸ˜¦

  8. Gary permalink

    I’ll still be a McLaren fan if Lewis leaves, and I’ll be a Lewis fan as long as he doesn’t go to Ferrari. I’ll never support a Ferrari driver no matter who they are.

  9. McLaren fan always. And always will be. Go Checo and Jenson !! Go.

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