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Lewis’ Q3 telemetry from Spa

September 4, 2012

Here it is, that picture Lewis Tweeted after qualifying badly in Belgium.
Whilst it may not give away the secrets to the team’s success, it will be of some limited interest to other teams as they compare the data to their own and observe the differences between the two aero set ups being run by Jenson and Lewis.
The numbers down the left hand side refer to the snapshot in time, a specific point on the circuit, denoted by the solid black vertical line on the sheet and they’re all figures for different channels or parameters on the car.
The most disappointing aspect for the team and those working within, will be the principal that their valuable, secret information gained through the hard work of many, has been released to the world off the back of a somewhat childish tantrum from their driver. Be assured, had a mechanic or engineer done the same thing, the consequences for that person would be far more severe.
The last thing we want is the social media feeds of the sport’s stars turning into tightly controlled press releases, but it’s fairly obvious that no team in this industry can allow this sort of thing to happen. I’m sure Lewis regrets the post and will want to forget the weekend as a whole, but he can no longer use the excuse of being young and inexperienced and clearly should have known better.



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  1. Would I be right in saying that the “snapshot” black vertical line is located somewhere in the vicinity of Les Combes? I guess you’ve probably seen Gary Anderson’s piece on it on the BBC website. The tone of it was so disapproving you could picture Gary’s face as he wrote it.

    • Yes, the marker (solid black vertical line) is currently at a point towards the end of the Kemmel Straight before Les Coombes. The line’s simply a pointer that engineers can slide back and forward along the lap to study different segments.

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