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Where’s Elvis?

August 24, 2012

[Ok, well done if you found me in each of these photos, if not, I’ve now circled myself to make it easy. Hope it made you chuckle?]

Here’s another one to try and alleviate the withdrawal symptoms some of you are clearly having during this F1 summer break!
Remember the “Where’s Wally” books? In 2006, with little to celebrate ourselves at McLaren, I managed to gatecrash a few of Ferrari’s victory team photos by diving in at the very last minute. By the end of the season it became a bit of a running joke and they’d come and get me before proceeding with the shots. I’m hiding somewhere in each of these snaps wearing McLaren team kit. Come on, how hard can it be, they’re in red, I’m in grey! You might need a bit of zoom and I grant you one is a bit tricky.





  1. Expert trolling! Good stuff!

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