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Caption competition

August 22, 2012

Here’s me sat in Kimi’s old McLaren seat. Best caption in the comments box wins absolutely nothing at all. Best of luck!


  1. We put a helmet on you and that’s it. No one will know. I can go eat my ice cream in peace.

  2. Brian Jee permalink

    Kimi asks, “Why is this guy sitting in my car and not wearing any pants?!”

  3. See him over there…
    He stole the champagne on the podium!

  4. Elaine permalink

    Look, I’ve told you before I don’t need you to warm my seat

  5. Bez permalink

    ‘where have you been Kimi?’
    ‘I was taking a shit!’

  6. Joe permalink

    “Are you sitting in my wet patch?”

  7. “I’m not going to make a fuss but do you see that guy over there?
    If you’re not out of my car in 10 seconds I’m going to call him over and I guarantee you’ll spend the next two weeks eating your meals through a straw!”

  8. The other option is simpler:

    “Hey you sleaze – My car!”

  9. Even better:

    Marc: How can I help you Kimi?
    Kimi: You can start by wiping that @$x&ing dumb-ass smile off your rosey, @$x&ing, cheeks! And you can give me a @$x&ing automobile: a @$x&ing Datsun, a @$x&ing Toyota, a @$x&ing Mustang, a @$x&ing Buick! Four @$x&ing wheels and a @$x&ing seat! And I really don’t care for the way the team left me at the back end of the track out in the middle of @$x&ing nowhere with @$x&ing keys to a @$x&ing car that isn’t @$x&ing there. And I really didn’t care to @$x&ing walk, down a @$x&ing escape track, and across a @$x&ing live racetrack to get back here to have you smile in my @$x&ing face. I want this @$x&ing car RIGHT @$x&ing NOW!

    Even putting that scene down on paper still makes me chortle to myself. Classic Steve Martin.

  10. Alan Billington permalink

    It is definitely a 4pm start isn’t it, Kimi? Only, I just saw 23 cars go past on their formation lap!

  11. Kimi “you can keep sitting in it, I’m off to ferrari, they have better choc ices”

  12. senthil permalink

    Kimi :allow me to drive the car now may be u can take my seat in the press conference

  13. Sudha S permalink

    You have given me a S**t car.Now you drive it.I am going to sleep

  14. Pilot Stig permalink

    “There, you’re in. Use the pedal on the right. You’ll be fine. Now, I’ve got a snowmobile race to get to…”

  15. Dude, you better have a valid reason for sitting in my car!

  16. Tony the Tiger permalink

    Dayum….. ‘dat ass!!

  17. Kimi: “Ok, i’ll give you one magnum, then will you get the fuck out? “

  18. Jason permalink

    Kimi: See that over there, that’s very tasty ice cream
    Elvis: Yum … go get me one.

  19. Kimi: “Dude, where’s my car?”

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