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45,000 Lucky Ticket Holders

June 24, 2012

In another incredible week of Formula One, Valencia has exceeded the expectations of pretty much everyone and delivered another cracking Grand Prix for 2012.
At a track that, in all previous visits, has produced predictable, monotonous, often tedious events, we had a stonker of a race that had drama from start to the very finish.
The build up to this years European GP was a particularly pessimistic one from many corners. Drivers lamented the lack of overtaking opportunities on the tight, twisty and concrete lined layout and fans complained of a lack of atmosphere as well as the prospect of a processional race from pole position to chequered flag. Locals begrudged the staging of the event at all, failing to understand the justification of temporarily constructing a Grand Prix venue at huge expense in a region already in desperate financial trouble.
Organisers this year reduced seating capacity, knowing numbers would be down and in the weeks preceding the event even the relatively paltry 45,000 tickets made available seemed to be struggling to sell.
As it turned out, anyone who was lucky enough to have a ticket for this years event, well, was just that, lucky.
Race fans were treated to a seemingly well run affair with great weather in a superb beach-side location on the edge of a wonderful city. But this year, as an enormous bonus for their ticket price, they were treated to an entire weekend of spectacular motorsport. Without doubt Valencia’s best Grand Prix to date by a mile, even the support races were action packed and entertaining to watch. Sunday morning’s GP2 race in particular, had almost everything and it was notable that the spanners were down in F1’s garages whilst all of the teams were glued to their monitors as the laps unfolded.
The GP itself was full of excitement, partly through the ‘Pirelli effect’, partly due to the unexpected, significant car failures of two of the leading contenders and of course also spiced up by a couple of comings to together at crucial points of the race. On a track that doesn’t make overtaking easy, we saw Webber come from the back to fourth and the local hero take an emotional victory from outside the top ten. The podium presented 3 former world champs, each past or present Ferrari heroes and three guys who drove great races, stayed out of trouble and progressed through the field to collect their spoils. I don’t think there can be any ticket holders this weekend who didn’t feel they got value for money from the European Grand Prix.

Marc Priestley
Twitter: @f1elvis


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  1. Valencia strikes back!

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